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18 June 2010 @ 06:32 pm
No Going Back  
TITLE: No Going Back
AUTHOR: Melanthios
PAIRING: Hades/Megara, Megara/Hercules
RATING: T for cursing and frank mention of sex
WARNINGS: Solliloquy/Inner Monologue, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unrequited Desire, Disney Multiverse
SUMMARY: You addiction, you sweet poison; I hate what you've done to me.
DISCLAIMER: Disney characters aren't mine, blah blah, this is fanfic, blah, I'm not making money off this (as evidenced by posting it for free), blah blah.

Story Here

Crossposted to d_villains.

Name? Melanthios. Call me Mel if you like.

Age? 22

Favourite brand of tuna? Probably Starkist. I try to look up which brands are dolphin-safe, but aside from that I'll eat any tuna that is packed in water. I love fish.

What about Hades particularly charmed you? I think the conman angle grabbed me, being that I'm a disciple of Hermes and always had a thing for them. Also the way Hades was so expressive, and talked with his hands as much as anything else. When I was young, still a protogoth, I did tap into him being dark and dangerous. Later on I noticed the loner/outsider/black sheep thing and latched onto that. There's still the factor of him never lying outright, just using people's assumptions to his benefit. He's the ultimate Slytherin.

Favorite Hades moment? I like when he's purring at Meg, all poisoned honey with razor blades hidden inside. It's delicious.

Favorite Hades quote? 'Memo to me: Maim you after my meeting.'

Zeus or Poseidon? Probably Hermes. I like a man who knows how to talk.

So, hello there. I'm probably the only dude queen here (yup, I'm that most rare of things, a male fanthing XD). Don't worry, I'm cool with that. I grew up at Disneyland (no, seriously) and it's pretty much part of my family in my mind. I'm known among those who've read my work as the writer who just turns everything on its ear, or does stuff no one else does. I don't usually step into fandom, but I'm making the effort for Disney because it's just what is required.

I'm a drag queen, a crackfic writer, and I absolutely love crossovers, as well as the Disney multiverse (though I use my own, only pulling very slightly from House of Mouse). Um, let's see, what else do I bring to the table... well, I'm very knowledgable about the practicalities of sex, as well as kink; it's sort of a pet research subject, with me. I am available for beta-reading, also, and I've been writing for... wow, more than ten years now.